A modern Interurban Bus Terminal Complex for the city of Athens of 52,800 m2 area in 8 floors, serving up to 67,200 passengers daily, housing terminals for interurban and international buses, local buses, a shopping mall, a hotel, a conference center, underground parking and a connection to a nearby Metro station is presented, with respect to its environmentally friendly water systems design. Specifically, grey water installations and their characteristics are analyzed, with various filtering and water treatment schemes which lead in re-using the discharge water from rainwater, green roofs irrigation, bus washing and bus floor areas cleaning, into hygiene rooms WCs, bus washing and bus floor areas cleaning and irrigation of the green surrounding areas and green roofs. For the building complex, a total yearly water consumption of 230.000 m3 is estimated, with 22.000 m3 of collected rainwater, 25.000 m3 of irrigation needs and eventually with 38% of the overall water consumption being efficiently recycled and re-used, without using biological treatment installations. Energy consumption is also minimized for hot water production using extensive solar panels of 680 m2 area providing up to 70% of the required water temperature increase, as well as heat exchangers coupled with high temperature heat pumps, reducing the daily CO2 production by 0,6 tons.
Conventional water concept schemes are also outlined and compared to the building’s proposed systems, with estimated comparisons for energy, water consumption, maintenance costs and feasibility of implementation. The dilemma of whether it is worth investing in expensive, more complex water management schemes with multiple water filtering and treatment with excellent environmental characteristics but with higher construction and maintenance cost, versus conventional less complex schemes, is a borderline case despite the sustainability pressure, especially since the estimated 225 m € (excl. VAT) necessary funding for this interurban bus terminal complex is planned to be from private sources on a PPP type of contract.


Mechanical Engineer (MSc, DIC, PhD), currently Deputy Engineering Manager in Attiko Metro, Athens with 29 years’ experience in Metro & Tram Projects engineering; focus on Metro electromechanical and railway systems design, design coordination, project specifications and tender documents preparation, testing and commissioning and project contractual management. 50 publications.