ASHRAE’s Focus on Broad Building Decarbonization

Building decarbonization encompasses a building’s entire life cycle, including building design, construction, operation and occupancy. While building decarbonization may be a fairly new concept to many, it has been at the core of ASHRAE’s guidance for many years. Now, ASHRAE’s building decarbonization outreach efforts are becoming more expansive.

The focus of this presentation will be on ASHRAE’s comprehensive and expedited plan for integrating building decarbonization activities into the society’s structure. Scoggins will give a high-level overview on how a strategic emphasis is being made to amplify ASHRAE’s work, combining building decarbonization resources and aligning initiatives with like-minded organizations to help propel buildings nationwide toward a decarbonized future.


Ginger Scoggins is a licensed mechanical engineer with 32 years of experience. She is the President and Co-owner of Engineered Designs, Inc., a full-service engineering which she founded 25 years ago. Ginger is also a certified commissioning agent, as well as a certified energy manager, and works on the design and commissioning of projects ranging from $4 million construction cost up to $90 million construction cost. Her focus is on designing high-performing buildings across a wide variety of markets.

In addition to running her firm, Ginger has been heavily involved in ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning engineers) since 1988 when she joined the Triangle Chapter in Raleigh, becoming the first female president of the chapter in the 1995-96 year, the first female Regional Vice-chair, and the first female Director & Regional Chair for the Region. Recently, Ginger completed a 2-year term as a National ASHRAE Society Vice-President and was named a Fellow of the organization. Ginger is the current President-Elect of ASHRAE and, in addition to other duties, sits as the Coordinating Officer on the Task Force for Building Decarbonization.