How do you actually reduce carbon in a building? In the last few years, experts agree it is critical to both reduce our use of energy, and to reduce the embodied carbon in building materials. But, practical steps of how we can balance both of these important steps to actually create buildings that achieve the elusive goal of zero carbon is something that is still up for debate. Yet some of the world’s largest technology and real estate companies are on their way to achieving their zero carbon benchmarks, through a focus on embodied carbon. In this session, we will discuss what is True Carbon and show real world examples of going ‘behind the curtain’ to learn about how some companies are achieving a true calculation around carbon. Whether it be in existing embodied carbon accounting, carbon procurement, or total carbon reduction strategies, there is a way to ensure that you are truly looking at total building decarbonization and not just operational carbon.


Josh is responsible for engaging and understanding the global marketplaces’ sustainable/healthy rating systems, codes, purchasing policies, and standards for WAP Sustainability. In this role he helps develop and track the environmental programs that are being utilized throughout the world. As a LEED AP+ BD&C, Josh has served on over 40 sustainably focused committees, including but not limited to ASHRAE 189.1, LEED Steering Committee, USGBC’s Pilot Credit Committee, and served on the water/IEQ work group that developed the first public draft of the IgCC. He is a recurring guest lecturer at multiple universities and has spoken on sustainable building practices and purchasing on 5 continents. He works with organizations investor relations and sustainability teams to help them understand sustainable financial reporting tools such as SASB, GRI, and TCFD. Josh served as Chairman of the US Mirror Committee for ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement, the 2015 NAHB Material/IEQ Working Group, Vice Chair for USGBC’s Pilot Credit Committee, USGBC’s LEED Steering Committee Chair and currently serves as Vice Chair of ASHRAE 189.1.